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What do we mean by Life Coaching?
Counselling or Coaching
What happens during Coaching sessions?
On-Line Coaching sessions?

Would Life Coaching be helpful?

In today’s society, the demand for life coaching is increasing, but what is it and would this be something for you?.

At the heart of coaching is the idea that it is a form of personal intervention that is future focused, goal orientated , and concerned with enabling others to move forward with their lives or businesses more effectively than if they were doing this alone.

A life coach is someone who helps you become successful in whatever area of life that is important to you. The term “successful” is defined differently by each person. People have different goals and different ideas of how to achieve these goals. A life coach encourages others and teaches them how to set goals, assists in turning those goals into action plans, and helps people to understand what their personal definitions of success are.

Coaching guides clients to find direction and balance in all aspects of their lives:
  • it supports changes in attitudes and behaviour that can translate into more effective performance at work
  • it helps people to refocus and take a critical look at their approaches and style at work and identify barriers that are preventing them from being more effective in their jobs.
  • When necessary, coaching can help people commit to new performance goals and promote individual self-awareness and self-management
It can be easy to lose direction in our lives and life coaching aims to explore ways to enhance the skills, qualities and creativity we already have but may not be making the most of. Life coaching often involves exploring our attitudes, beliefs and values, discussing our aims in life and setting appropriate goals to help us to reach them. Unlike trying to achieve goals on our own, having a life coach should help to keep us committed, motivated and focussed. Just like sports men and women have their own coach, a life coach helps us to become the best we can be in our own lives.

Counselling or Coaching?

Coaching aims to help you achieve clarity and confidence to enable you to work through issues that are holding you back from fulfilling your life goals.
A coach specialises in personal development and is different to a psychotherapist and counsellor. As a coach, I work with you to help you make changes to your life and lifestyle. It is about taking action. We focus on the here and now, at your current circumstances to identify what action needs to be taken for you to pursue a future that you want to succeed in life and that is something that differs for each individual. Together, we develop a plan of action, which is SMART (specific, measurable, realistic and time framed), which will ultimately help you to attain your goal. We will come up with solutions that are right for you, what you want to do, your skills and how you can get a job using those skills.

For more information, describes this well.

Coaching can be deemed to be mentoring, especially when a client seeks the help of a coach to help them turn their business around, or work with staff who are experiencing conflict with one another. Coaching challenges and supports people in achieving high levels of performance and overcome obstacles and challenges. It produces increased performance, change or results for an individual and his/her organisation.

What happens during a Coaching session?
Life coaching sessions will typically be for a specific duration, often around 60 minutes. Sessions are usually conducted over the phone or using Skype, but I also offer face to face sessions.

During the session, we will discuss certain aims and together we’ll set goals and work towards these. Although I work with you, it’s very much up to you to challenge or reflect upon certain ideas to help you move forward with your life. You will not be forced to make any decisions you’re not comfortable with and the sessions are confidential, so you can explore your thoughts and feelings privately.

Life coaching is often seen as a partnership between you and your life coach. i will encourage you to explore how to make positive changes in your life, offer support and feedback, and help you to stay focused on your goals.

Why not email me to arrange a time we can discuss your options and what you would like to achieve? I offer an initial 30 minutes contact for free to help you decide.

On-Line Coaching sessions
The only difference is that we use Skype rather than working face-to-face in my Practice room.
Will this work just as well?
I am happy to discuss that with you and I offer a free 30 minutes consultation if you would like to know more.
email me or ring/text me on 07890425960 to arrange a suitable time and day.

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