Rugeley Counselling,
Life Coaching & Supervision Service


I offer face-to face, telephone and (Skype or FaceTime) video conferencing.
Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 pm (last appointment).
On request, weekends from 8.30 1 pm (last appointment)
Home visits for clients who are disabled can be arranged within 5 mile radius. Beyond that, I charge extra to cover mileage and travelling time...
Please, see fees below.

I provide Counselling and/or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for:
Couple Relationships

Face to Face sessions

Counselling 60 minute Individual session
before 6pm £50, after 6 pm £60,
weekends Saturdays £75, Sundays £85
Couples (sessions last up to 75 minutes)
weekends Saturdays £85 Sundays £95
Children & Teenagers
£45 (no weekends)
Families (sessions last up to 90 minutes)
before 6 pm £75, after 6 pm £90
weekends Saturdays £115
Supervision (90 mins)- £75.00
Supervision for Trainee Counsellors - £35.00
Coaching (60 mins) –  £60.00

When income is genuinely tight and some help with fees would be welcome, please discuss this with me during the assessment session. The last thing you need is worry about the financial impact therapy sessions might be causing on your everyday living.
(Missed sessions or sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be treated as a session taken)


Clients who attend in person can either pay in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.
Clients who book internet sessions are requested to pay in advance, using bank transfer.

Phone, text, email, Skype or FaceTime video sessions.

All sessions have to be pre-paid (see above) showing in my bank account before any session can take place.

  • Counselling 30/60 minute session –
    before 6 pm £45, after 6 pm £50, weekends £75
  • email/text sessions: up to 2 client generated emails/texts and two replies - £30 (minimum contract)
  • Supervision (90 minutes) – £70.00
  • Supervision for Trainee Counsellors - £35.00
  • Coaching (60 mins) –  £60.00


    Refund of prepaid but unused counselling sessions

    Some clients prefer to book and pay for several sessions in advance. If I have not had any communication from you for a period of three weeks, and you have not told me about this in advance, I will write to you to ask whether you wish to continue counselling. If I do not receive any reply after another week, I will assume that you have terminated counselling.
    However, unless I hear from you within that time space, I will not refund any prepaid, unused session fees.
    If you choose to terminate earlier than you planned, you will receive a full refund of any prepaid, unused counselling sessions, providing you have informed me of that decision.
    If you should ‘disappear’ without supplying a valid email address, I will not be able to refund any prepaid sessions. If 28 days pass after my first attempt to contact you and I have not heard from you, you will lose all prepaid fees and unused sessions.

    Missed appointments (including late cancellations and non attendance)

    When you make an appointment with me, I put that time aside for you. I trust you understand that it is fair that I will charge you my full fee if you miss or cancel a session (in whatever form we have agreed e.g. face to face,telephone, email or Skype/FaceTime) with less than 24 hour’s notice. (In exceptional circumstances I may waive my right to charge for a missed session.).

    However, if you have to cancel a session within 24 hours before your appointment is due because of an emergency and then re-book a session during the same week, no cancellation charge will be made.


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